Sohag University responds to the brilliant student of Tema Center and granted her a free scholarship to study at the Faculty of Medicine

Prof Mostafa Abdel-Khaleq, acting the president of Sohag University, made a call with the student, Aya Hassan Attia, after an appeal to the people of the Tama Center to take care of her expenses during her studies at the Faculty of Medicine, after finishing the high school with a high degree, 97.3%, in the scientific department.

During the call, Abdel-Khaleq congratulated the student and her family on her superiority, showing the all support to her, as he promised her to provide an educational grant to her to study at the Faculty of Medicine and exempt her from any study expenses, explaining that this comes as the least appreciation of the student for her superiority and a duty on the community in order to complete her dream and enroll at the faculty of Medicine. He indicated that he will receive her on Monday in his office at Sohag University after returning from participating in the regular meeting of the Supreme Council of Universities in Alexandria.