Students and education affairs

Graduates’ Administration

Job: Graduates’ affairs responsible

Job tasks:


1-Preparing lists of alumni names, alumni data, and alumni statistics.

2- Obtaining the graduation certificate with GPA and grades in both Arabic and English.

3- Receive and save the college results.

4- Preparing the  lists for the recruitment of graduates.

5- Preparing graduate lists and sending them to the Ministry of Health to appoint the graduates.

6- Counting the tuition fees for graduates for the six years

7- Preparing and reviewing the patent certificates for graduates and preparing the works for the graduates’ ceremony.

8- Responding to any correspondence to and from the  administration.

9 – Executing the work assigned to him by the head of the department or the director of the department

Job: Graduates’ Reviser

Job Tasks;

1-Supervising the preparation of lists of alumni names, alumni data, and statistics.

2- Review graduation certificates extracted with GPA, grades, and original patent certificates.

3- Review incoming and outgoing correspondence of the graduates.

4- Reviewing any fees received from any official certificates or data.

5- Following up and reviewing the graduates’ lists sent to the Ministry of Health to assign the graduates.

6- Follow-up and review of the enlistment lists for graduates.

7- Preparing for the ceremony of the graduates’ day annually

8 following up the regulations and laws issued by the concerned authorities, such as the Ministry of Administrative Development or the Organization and Administration Authority.

9- Carrying out the work of the Director of Administration in his absence.

Job: Secretary

Job tasks

1-Acquainted with all instructions related to the work of alumni affairs.

2- Responding to all inquiries.

3- Follow up on incoming and outgoing correspondence and keeping.

4- Presenting the administration post to the master / director of the department, and then re-distributing it to the officials in charge.

5- He carries out computer work and photography for some of the work of Mr. / Director of the Department.

6- Organizing appointments for management meetings, equalization committees and department directors.

7- The work assigned to him by the master / director of the department.


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