Headquarters Affairs Department

Job: The manger of headquarter affairs

Job Tasks

  • Good use of administrative buildings and keep the building clean and maintained
  • 2-supervise the general outward appearance
  • 3-suggest the appropriate designs and methods for beautifying the buildings from inside and outside
  • 4-organize the entrances , exits and corridors
  • 5-design and choose the appropriate colors to paint the buildings form inside and outside
  • 6-Make good use of the spaces in front of  and around the building
  • 7-design the guiding banners so as to achieve the needs which the work needs and also make advantage of the guiding banners
    • 8-suggest the proper furniture
    • 9-design a light distribution system
    • 10-suggest suitable art window dressings in the national occasions and feasts
    • 11- participate in the development of the appropriate adjustments of the unit buildings  and he method of terminator   so as to  utilize  the available spaces
    • 12-suggest the inner distribution of the paces
    • 13-ensure the cleanliness of the building and its floors ,its furniture and all the used equipment
    • Corridors

    14-check the optimum use of water and electricity and develop the plans or rationalize them

    • 15-Supervise the building maintenance and the works of internal services in terms of electricity, water and cleaning
    • 16-inform the heads of the sectors the general notes  which related to the appearance and the building cleaning and take all the necessary measures and overcome all the contrary aspects

    17-cooperate with public relations office and headquarters affairs in the national circumstances and when hosting the public figures and delegations

  • 18- Supervise the required tasks and commissioned the technicians to do these works after receiving the reports in accordance with the therapeutic preventive measures
    • 19-Supervise the renovation process and  conduct any new works