Graduates follow-up unit

1-follow up the staff performance through the report of the manger of the unit

2-coordinate with the unit manger to ensure the proper functioning

3-coordinate with graduates’ management

  • 4- Coordinate with the concerned authorities inside and outside the faculty to hold an annual conference in the faculty
  • 5-contact the societal parties in which the graduates work

Job: The manger of the unit

Jon Tasks:

  • Managing the work wheel in the unit
  • Coordination between the employees of the unit to ensure the proper functioning of the work.
  • Preparing a quarterly report about the performance of the unit and raising it to the supervisor of the unit.
  • Follow up the implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the college administration regarding the unit
  • Job: Registration responsible
  • Job Tasks:   1.Executing what is assigned to him by the unit director.
    1. Responsibility for the requirements of administrative work.
    2. He handles correspondence from and to the unit.
    3. Preparing a report about the unit’s work in coordination with the unit director