Systematic structure

 The-systematic structure of the unit

The head of the unit

Temporary cleaning workers-permanent cleaning workers

Job: the head of the unit

  • Supervise the implementation of what is required from the workers
  • Distribute the workers on cleaning areas
  • Pass on buildings and follow up the cleaning work of entrances, exits, corridors of buildings and facilities
  • Assemble the workers at any time
  • Deliver and distribute cleaning tools for the workers
  • Warn the workers to clean the sections and departments from the inside as well as the window glass inside and outside
  • Maintain the appearance of buildings with a decent appearance

Job: workers

  • The commitment of each worker to clean the specified place in addition to his department or  the department in which he works
  • Do not leave the workplace or  the department without written permission
  • Don’t use and electric heaters inside the departments
  • Don’t get out and buy any food from outside the faculty
  • Close all the doors and windows
  •  Turn on lights and appliances in necessity
  • Turn off the appliances after finishing work
  • Don’t throw trash and keep bathrooms clean
  • Put dust bins in all places and empty them
  • Don’t stick papers and advertisement on the walls
  • Wear the uniform during work times
  • Compliance to the attendance and departure dates allocated to workers