Library’s Goals

The mission of the library is an integral part of the university’s mission, which is represented in a higher scientific qualification, educational and cultural preparation to graduate qualified medical cadres.

  1. The library aims to provide sources of knowledge to support and serve the various scientific curricula and disciplines at the university by providing access to information resources for all groups of researchers at the university and society. It also aims to develop its holdings in all subjective disciplines and organize them with the latest technologies and recent developments in the field of library and information services to facilitate the search and retrieval process in the most accurate and fastest time possible.
  2. Providing books, educational materials and databases in order to support academic courses and scientific research services.
  3. Provide access to information sources wherever they are found.
  4. Collecting various sources of resources and qualifying them to be consistent with the university’s programs and to contribute supporting the various academic aspects of the university: teaching, training, research, services
  5. Training and assisting university professors, researchers and students in identifying information sources and using them effectively.
  6. Work to raise the efficiency and experience of the library staff through training on various programs.
  7. Responding to and exceeding accreditation and quality standards.