Library’s Instructions

1-Ensure that the university card (for male and female students) is shown when entering the library.

2 – Preserve books and not cut them or write on them, as the library belongs to you and for the coming generations

3- It is allowed to borrow books with multiple copies only outside the library.

4 – Adhere to order and tranquility in the library, as smoking and eating are strictly prohibited

and drinks are inside the library.

5) Respecting employees and adhering to the ethics of dealing with them, especially when instructing notes regarding setting the order and the quiet inside the library

6) Leaving the books on tables and not returning them on shelves as this is employee’s specialty

7) Maintaining and using computers for study and research purposes only.

8) Finding the book on the shelf enlist the help of the hall administrator, and do not mess with the shelves randomly

9- Bags and personal items must be left inside safety deposit boxes before entering

the library.

11- Do not leave your valuable stuff inside safety lockers

11- It is not permissible to leave your bag inside the lockers as they are specialized for the staff only