Library’s Achievements

– Achievements of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank: Workshops were held in most of the academic and clinical departments of the college to raise  the awareness and introduce the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, how to register the accounts of the faculty members and their assistants on it, how to access international databases and obtain the best scientific research, books and references and download them easily and quickly. Time and with less effort, since 2018 until now

-Achievements of the ENDNOTE X7 Program: Workshops have been held in most of the academic and clinical departments of the College for the definition of the ENDNOTE X7 program used to organize and manage scientific references in the research paper and scientific messages electronically and how to use it in practice with all its features that help researchers to complete scientific references in their research and enter them electronically in the pattern What is required to publish this research in international journals.

-Achievements related to the supply: The library was supplied with purchasing of 11 books and the addition of many scientific papers and donated periodicals.

The achievements of the future system for managing Egyptian university libraries: This system has made the college library a “digital library” in every sense of the word. In this system, all the data of the library, whether books or periodicals, are added and the full text of scientific theses is uploaded, as well as library cards are extracted for the staff members and their assistants and students to use it to enter the library electronically by reading the barcode of the ID, and through it, you can borrow the books electronically

Updating the library holdings: Updating means  exclusion, and it is a process of reassessing some of the library’s holdings with the intention of disposing them in case they were presented or their information became inaccurate, which reduces their use and occupies a space from the library’s shelves without benefiting from them

Placing the journal of faculty on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank website and allocating a special site for it:

According to the instructions of Prof. Hassan Al-Nomani – , Dean of the faculty and Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research, regarding the development of work in the SOHAG MEDICAL JOURNAL and facilitating the procedures of publication, a communication has been made with the Academy of Scientific Research,  as it is the authority responsible for placing the periodical on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank www.ekb. eg, as all the measures have been taken to do so and all the data of the forms that have been provided to us by the academy have been completed and accordingly, a special site has been designated for the journal and all articles on it have been uploaded, starting from issues of 2017 till now, which helps the college journal to reach the international level and the level of international publishing.

The library’s contribution to the issuance of a booklet for the college’s annual scientific conference 2018: Most of the research papers published internationally by researchers from the faculty members and their assistants in all departments by using the ENDNOTE X7 program for organizing and managing scientific references.

Achievements related to providing the library with the necessary furniture and equipment: The library was equipped with a modern photocopy machine to provide and facilitate photocopying service for students and faculty members, also a scanner device, and 12 new internet points were purchased in the library to serve those who visit  the information technology club and the library regularly