Library’s services

  1. Providing a quiet and equipped place to view the latest scientific references for students, researchers and faculty members.
  2. Providing the various previous examinations on paper and online.
  3. Providing postgraduate examinations for researchers and faculty members on paper and online.
  4. Providing electronic books and references for those who visit the library regularly , through searches in the international databases and the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.
  5. Make a current briefing of all that is new in the library (books – examinations – scientific messages) through the library page.
  6. Provide multiple copies of foreign books for the student’s library in order to allow them to borrow.
  7. Make questionnaires for students to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the library.

 Second:Research services:

Providing an electronic search service for the library’s contents and other universities’ libraries through the Eulc website.

Providing access to the scientific research sites and sources through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) and other international databases.

Providing and facilitating access to scientific research and previous scientific theses, while noting the rules of intellectual property protection.

Explain how to search in the global databases and access international scientific messages.

Creating accounts on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) for students, researchers and faculty members, and explaining how to use it.

Providing educational courses for researchers on the latest technical programs used in scientific research, such as the EndNote Reference Management Program.

Conducting workshops for faculty members and their assistants in the college departments on how to use the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.

Participating in preparing courses for faculty members and their assistants in the college departments on how to publish their research in the Journal of the College of Medicine.

 Third: Community services: –

Conducting training for students of Faculty of Arts, Department of documents and Libraries, on how to use the Egyptian University Union eulc website.

Conducting training for employees of the other colleges libraries Contribution to the establishment of the central library of the university.