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The faculty was established in 1992. The faculty comprises 31 departments, ten of them are specialized for the essential medical sciences and 21 departments for the clinical sciences

Faculty Vision

Faculty of medicine is a symbol of leadership, excellence and scientific distinction at the regional and scientific levels.

Faculty Mission

Faculty of medicine is committed to graduate doctors able to meet the needs of the different levels of the regional labor market with a distinguished competitive level and also to conduct competitive universal scientific researches

Dean’s word
Prof Magdy Mohamed Amin

Since the inauguration of the faculty of Medicine in Sohag in 1992, and for more than a quarter of a century, it has played its role in the educational process, scientific research and community service for the residents of the southern Upper Egypt region, and the college has passed throughout this period many variables that left a clear impact in the stages Its development, as the college was born and spent the first years of its life in the confinement of Assuit University, which gave it the opportunity to benefit from what others had achieved in this prestigious university, and with the establishment of South Valley University, the college was separated from Assuit University, and it became one of the faculties of this university, which gave it the opportunity to benefit Of the unlimited support that the college found through the promising plans of this university.

In 2006, Sohag University was established to finally realize its dream of being affiliated with a university whose administration is located in the same geographical space as the young college, and for the college to become the focus of the interests of the fledgling university administration; And finally, since October 2017; God bless our university under the leadership of placing the faculty of Medicine and university hospitals at the center of their concerns


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 Address: Sohag-Sohag University-Faculty of Medeine-Administrative Building


 ( E-Mail) (portal@med.sohag.edu.eg )

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